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Who are we           

The company is owned and operated by Scott Quinlan and Mark Pagdin, who are both licensed Florida Real Estate Brokers. Both Scott and Mark have years of experience in investing in real estate in the Central Florida region. They came together with similar backgrounds and similar philosophies, to provide investors with the opportunity for genuine value for money and inherent equity within their real estate portfolios.

Being investors themselves there is the understanding that investors ideally want to buy at below the market price, increase the quality of the asset and retain a degree of equity for the longer term.

Thus CFH was born. This is what the guys were doing from themselves and now they can do it for you too.Scott Quinlan

Scott Quinlan, is a Licensed Building Contractor, real estate broker and a registered professional engineer. He has years of experience in the investment and property renovation field. Scott is in charge of supervising the building work, liaising with the work crews and quality control to provide that old fashioned quality touch so lacking in today’s market.
Mark Pagdin
Mark Pagdin, an accountant by profession is also a licensed real estate broker and works on making the numbers work within a deal, to make sure the investor receives a value for money investment with added equity to their portfolio.

They spend literally hours and hours trawling thru which deals will work and which don’t.

Mark says ”we have approximately 25-30 deals per week we can look at seriously, of which only 1 or 2 we consider viable to put to investors.”

It is this analysis and attention to detail which has built their reputation for honesty and fair dealing with their clients. Clients know the rigorous selection process covered before they ever are offered an investment project/opportunity.

Old fashioned values are the key to their success, both in terms of workmanship and fair dealing.

Scott says “we are looking for long term relationships with investors, clients and vendors alike. We want to stand the test of time and be the name to trust in our field”.